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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 6/9/2010 1:50:07 PM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 09/06/2010 13:58 |

Not long ago, I thought that some good things never last. But I was astounded when I happen to scan my  file of pictures and documents that were as old as time. I clearly remember the happy days we had back then.

Indeed high school life was the most memorable ever. The time where we learned to cut class, chill and enjoy. The time that we were so care free. Many people thought that we were among those teen-agers who did not care for anything. We were a normal teen-agers who undergone criticisms and judgment. But we were happy.

I never thought that I would come to this point where I could sit back, stare blankly and reminisce the past. Back then we think of nothing. We don't even bother to discuss what course to take and what plans we had. All we do was to attend the class, ready for the attendance, chat our seatmates and leave. Well, basically our lives was based on routine.

I was bowled over upon chancing them all at the most staged friends site --- the "facebook". We've gone this far. We are all leading an excellent life and happy to our chosen careers. I am so proud of you guys. Keep it up.

And therefore I realized that there are things that could last us a lifetime.

To the members of SPRCNHS batch 1997, hasta la proxima vez!!!