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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 6/9/2010 2:04:58 PM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 09/06/2010 14:41 | | Content:2
When I was little I used to read stories about prince and princess. I used to believe that they are real and they do exist. And someday my own prince will come and I will be a princess.

About ten years ago, I happened to met a man who could possibly pass for a prince. I thought he was perfect in his own version of being a prince. He was subtle, soft-spoken, dignified and a demigod incarnate. Indeed he was too good to be true.

I spent a part and parcel of my life with him. A usual beginning. Everybody is happy. Until eventually, I was able to know that prince more. He was not the prince that I once knew. He was no longer timid and subtle but a house on fire. He wasn't soft-spoken anymore but a clanging cymbals. He was no longer dignified because he lives in lie and cheat. And not a demigod incarnate anymore since I realized that he is a devil personified.

I woke up one morning thinking that I had been a fool. I was cheated. The prince that I was actually dreaming of was not really a prince but a FROG who pretended to be one.

The lesson of the story is that...FROGS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!
Marlene Adlit (no registrado)
Marlene Adlit (no registrado)
Jerks are jerks always bear that in mind!
_jessie escandalio_
_jessie escandalio_
kalukuhan lng yan.that is only a product of our imagination.