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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 9/18/2010 10:29:08 AM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 18/09/2010 10:36 | | | Content:6

          Walking fast the memory lane, I remember the days I had spent at one of the best paradises we have in the world. Indeed, the place is picturesque. Certainly, it is a picture of perfection. The sunset is incredibly breath taking. The whole experience was magnificently amazing.  I never thought that I could ever reach that place and meet lots of wonderful people that eventually became my friends.


          I happened to be one of the members who went there by accident. I never expected that staying there for nine (9) weeks would change my life forever. All I know is that, I was there to teach. But as the days passed by, I learned to value the people around me selflessly. I cared for them sincerely and genuinely. They had been my family for two months. They were my shelter in the armor of storm, and my shield in the combat of camp life.  


          The experience is more likely to compare with the reality show SURVIVOR. Undeniably, the place is scenic. It is like a box of chocolate, very pleasing, attractive and mouth - watering. But we must endure and overcome the battles of life. The saga itself is full of lies and deceit. It seemed that I feel cheated and misled. The way I see it, it is like living in the island paradise that is full of wild and dangerous animals.  Snake pit is just lying somewhere. However, I was able to beat the odds because of the love and care of the people around me. They truly turned into my instant family who protected me in any possible harm.


          Teaching will always be my passion. Yet, I must admit that the camp-life-experience could be beyond the traditional method of educational instructions. It was not purely teaching or mentoring, it was the chronicles of discovering the similarities and surmounting the differences between races and cultures. As a teacher my vocation does not simply end in imparting knowledge to my students or pupils, but I have gained knowledge and experiences from them as well. Our relationship does not end in the four corners of the classroom or session halls but beyond. The situation could shift from professional to personal and vice versa. 


          To the people who had been part of the Avalons Phils Summer English Camp 2010, you just gave a very profound meaning to the new chapter of my life. Allow me to show my sincerest gratitude for making my experience an extremely memorable one.


          For Sir Chris, thank you for stepping into my life and for saving us in the abyss of uncertainty. You made my last two (2) weeks a memorable one. I cant thank you enough for your warm acceptance and momentous leadership. Thanks so much, and next time no more incorrect.


For Khay and Marge, thank you for the happy times we shared. The non sense talks and chit chats, the endless laughter and cheesy moments, and for the lasting friendship that we have established. I will never forget the good times I had with you and I will never forget you. I wish to see you again soon.


          For Matthaeus, Dolly, Lim and Kat, the word thank you is so cliché and redundant. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for knowing you guys. You taught me the true meaning of leadership and friendship. You had been the pillar of strength of BATCH 1 during the whole duration of the camp. I know that without your guidance our camp experience would surely turned upside down. Thank you for your genuine concern, care and love. I miss you guys and I will love you forever.


          For Eva, Gela, Rogie and JR, hayiii especially to the girls of Power Rangers, thank you for standing firm with your beliefs and decisions knowing the fact that youre still young and considered neophyte in the battles of life. I really appreciate your friendship. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Gela, I missed your scary sneak in our main door. I miss you guys.


          For Joel, I will never forget the bothering text messages I received from you at night in the camp. You give full details about your never-have-seen-boyfriend in room 703G. But honestly, I missed the intellectual conversation I had with you. Why did it happen only for the last two (2) weeks of our stay in Caylabne Bay?


          For my grandchild, Jacky Torres Miel, if theres other way to say how much I appreciate you for standing firm to make our camp life easier, I will do it. But just the same I will only end up saying thank you. I know that it is not enough to express my deep gratitude towards you and your actions. You indeed touched my heart by being so selfless. You give your all and your heart for the success of the camp. You are so precious, certainly, a gem to be treasured. I know you are truly an altruistic and a gallant friend. You will forever be in my heart Jacky.


          For Chad, master, I know that it was mission accomplished. Im glad that the angels happened to work with you. You are a born leader Chaddy, keep it up. Always do what makes you truly happy. If I will be given a chance to work with people like you again, I will surely grab every opportunity I get. The friendship I had with you is enough for me to last a lifetime. Thank you for the effort of extending your love and care for your angels. I will never forget you Chaddy. I will remember you all the days of my life.


          For Cherry, I know that you deprived yourself from a lot of things at the moment but soon it will pay off. I hope that I had been a good friend to you. Though at times we love poking and joking you. Our friendship may not be the so called tested by time, but I know deep within me that what we shared is immeasurable. I know that we developed an endless friendship that could last beyond eternity, if there is. Like in survivor the three of us formed our alliances and loyalty to each other. I feel so tired and sick every time I reminisce the days I had in the camp. It only made me miss all the people that completed me and turned me to be superbly happy for two (2) months. I miss the tuksuhan and nisan jiffies. I miss you Che. See you soon.


          For Rose, your name suits you, beautifully made inside and out. The bonding times we had kept on flashing in my mind like a gleam of lights. There are a lot of times that it seems like a déj vu. Things happened over and over again to the point of exhaustion. I know that its about time for all of us to move on and move forward with our lives, but our friendship will forever be there. We had been a part of each other and I know that no one could ever erase that. You and Che will forever be in my heart. You have carved the innermost part of my heart. Thank you for the lasting friendship. The camp is not the end for us. We will see each other as often as we could. For that Rosza, hasta la proxima vez


          And of course my camp life would not be complete without my unforgettable jiffies with Lee Suk-Jin (T. Mario). Thank you for the wonderful time I had spent with you. I ran out of words to describe the link and connection I had with you. I must admit that you had been my sunshine during the gloomy days of my camp life. Your happy way of life mirrored mine. Thank you for the friendship and the trust that you had given me. The memories I had with you will be cherished in my heart as long as I live. You may not know but you made each of my camp days complete. I hope to see you soon


          Truly, experience is the best teacher. I have just learned one of the greatest lessons I had in life through this camp. Teachers goodluck to the path that you are heading toI love you all!





Khay Datu (no registrado)
Khay Datu (no registrado)
OMG!Muntik na akong maiyak, sobrang na touched ako as in.
Thanks also for the friendship and I will always treasure all the memories that we've shared. I miss you and I love you. See you soon.
nestor (no registrado)
nestor (no registrado)
Looks like you had a great time in your camping trip. And you've met a lot of different people that became your new friend. It's nice that you've enjoyed those days of adventure. c",)
Rose Bautista (no registrado)
Rose Bautista (no registrado)
very touching. I don't miss you anymore because we still have communication.What I really miss is the kind of friendship that we had in camp. Sharing a can of coke, cramming for the theme activity, sleeping (or not sleeping at all) together. I think what we've shared for the past nine weeks are more than what I had with my friends for so many years. see you soon. :)
CHADDY (no registrado)
CHADDY (no registrado)
MARLENE!! :) gusto ko ipaprint! hehehe :)
GANDA! nakakatuwa! see u in winter camp! :)
you'll forever stay as my angel and also rose and che :)
DOLLY (no registrado)
DOLLY (no registrado)
iLOVEYOU marlene...........
thanks to you too..
very touching...

kat (no registrado)
kat (no registrado)
ay ganda.....
very touching girl....
ur one of a kind.. love it talaga,..
papaprint q xa...