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Lessons of Life

Reality bites

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 09/10/2010 07:46 | | Content:1
Life is a process in which we conceptualize, interpret and relate our existence and consciousness. This includes our life stance and purpose. 

We used to lead a perfect life that is in line and in accordance to morality. But what if you happened to be a bad judge of character? Being a good judge is a rare gift. You simply don't have it. And this misfortune turned your life into a roller - coaster ride. 

I'm not an advocate of perfection. Hence, I believe in righteousness and being morally upright. I used to say that I will follow St. Michael's way of life, and I know that I'm doing a great job. However, there are things that are beyond our control. No matter how much effort we have exerted things happen whether for a right or a wrong reasons.

Judgment in the other hand, is the act of determining what is conformable to humankind. This is the determination and decision that mandates the will of God, and what is in accordance to law.

This misfortune lead me to make a wrong decision for an Nth time. It seems that I never learned my lesson in life. Once again I believed and fell for a wrong guy. I hate myself for being so gullible. Sweet words usually turned sour as time passes by yet, I'm overly trusting. Maybe I'm just too susceptible that's why a lot of people fooled me.

And I guess my Korean friend is right after all. People will say what I want them to say. People will show what I want them to show. Because I am exceedingly credulous. Too bad for my ballooning ego. 

I should have learned my skills in discovering the in - depth being of a person so I wouldn't commit the same mistakes again.

Too much for this and next time do not be the same fool once more.