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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 10/15/2010 8:03:29 PM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 15/10/2010 20:06 | | Content:4

This is in response to the newly proposed educational plan in basic education of the Aquino (2010) administration. It states that there would be an addition of two more years to make the twelve-year educational cycle, from Grade School to High School.


I am a teacher and I am practicing my profession. I am a graduate of PHILIPPINE NORMAL UNIVERSITY. My Alma Mater is the most prestigious institution in the whole Philippines when it comes to teaching and teacher-training. I was raised, brought-up and developed to be a dedicated educator.


Teaching is my passion. I never envisioned myself as someone else. It is something I want to be remembered. I want to inspire people, touch their hearts and transform their lives. As a teacher, I want to be a candle for each and every pupil/student I encountered. I want to light their way as they journey to the path of learning.


Education is vital to every human being. It is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values, or attitudes. It also involves both learning and teaching.


The current milieu requires ample transmission, transitions, and characterization of learning which consequently will be of utility to every endeavor as they contend with the reality of life. The dynamic and the fast-changing evolution in the different facet of society reverberates the need for a well-planned instructions and policies cognizance to education.


The twenty-first century highlights the immense impact of increased access to knowledge and information in our daily living. The Philippine system tends to compete to the methods of big countries that belong to the first-world.


I perfectly understand the vitality of education. That it is indeed a need, and everybody must have it. But it seems that the new administration fail to see things in proper perspective and in holistic viewpoint.


According to Mr. Butch Abad, the current ten-year basic education cycle in the Philippines is already obsolete since most nations already implement the twelve-year educational plan.


On the contrary, we cannot deny the fact that as we look forward with educational setting in the optimistic viewpoint, there is still other side poignant that will be uncovered. We teachers, especially the public school teachers, also have to confront the problems such as over-crowded classrooms, dilapidated facilities and structures, pupils/students suffering from malnutrition and other manifestations of poverty, increased drug and alcohol abuse among pupils/students, and BUDGET-CUT in education. These sound melancholic and distressful but they do happen in reality.


I strongly disagree for the additional two-year plan because it will not make any difference. Instead of adding burdens to the life of the pupils/students and to their parents, why not strengthen the PHILIPPINE CURRICULUM.


I think that the new administration fail to see the real educational setting in the Philippines. Madams and Sirs, have you been to some local public schools in NCR? Have you fail to notice the number of pupils/students per classroom? Aren't you aware that the current system now is divided into three -shifts? Meaning they only have four hours to study in school with every-other-day mode of schedule.  Aren't you able to observe the shortened study hours of the children? Did you fail to perceive that the system itself is the problem? 


I challenge everyone that before implementing this program, why not make an experimental class that possess the following:

A. consists of thirty (30) pupils/students per classroom,

B. school is located in a good environment that is conducive for learning, 

C. a well-provided instructional materials, and

D. a well-facilitated laboratories


Loaded with all the subjects needed for their level using our current system and curriculum, I can guarantee and assure you that we will no longer have less-competent graduates.


I believe that before you could push through with this plan, you better make a thorough study regarding our system. Make a reality check.


Another thing is, before you praise, recognize, and commend the educational system of other countries, you better know first the proponents behind their curriculum. You might not be aware but a lot of Filipinos across the world are the major proponents, authors, and creators of those countries' curriculum.


Be sensitive in imposing the plan. Remember that we belong to the third-world countries. Most of the citizens are included to the poverty line. Majority of your people Mr. President, Sir, are POOR.


Please do hear the voices of your people.
_nicko pogi_
_nicko pogi_
I agree with you
_Arabdha Anand_
_Arabdha Anand_
yes...i really appreciate the content of this page..n it is very well written.but it only emphasises the about the educational system of the it needs 2 be updated n have an overall impact of the newly proposed education on the world education
To: _Arabdha Anand_
Thanks for your comment. This article is indeed about the educational system of the Philippines. It's a current issue here that is being resolve. Anyway, thank you for giving  bright ideas...
Pablo Atkins
Pablo Atkins
I certainly agree with you. Perhaps it needed a thorough study. Keep it up!