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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 12/9/2010 9:23:34 AM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 09/12/2010 09:29 | |

          There are a lot of things that define our happiness. Happiness is bliss of pleasure that we felt if we know that deep within our heart we are contented and delighted.

          Last October 16, I had a great time with my high school classmates and batchmates. It was something so typical yet I was looking forward too. My intention was to meet them and have some kind of kamustahan while having fun. It was really great meeting them again after a long time. Though we were not able to gather the supposed target attendees, still it was fun. The experience was full of laughter and mirth.

          There were a lot of candid moments. Really candid that we never cared less whether we look stupid or not. What we know was we were having fun, fun, and fun. The link and connection between us all was a grand hit. No one was left behind. Everyone was equal. And I assumed and I presumed that all of us did have enjoyed that one night together.

          The best part of the event for me was encoding and listing down the incorrect incidence of the whole saga. Each person has their own form of being incorrect. First, for those who should be in the meeting place before six in the evening who did not arrive on time, well they were late comers (incorrect huh!). Second, the first venue was so crowded and too noisy thats why it left us no choice but to shout in order to understand each other. It was like everyone was deaf and we had to use sign language if we want to communicate (again, incorrect!). Amazing and so extravagant that we were able to practice are non verbal communication skills. During the transition period wherein we had decided to move to another place we hang around the malls parking lot. We had a good time bonding with Manong (oops I forgot to get his name) while waiting for a cab which unfortunately did not come (another incorrect). When we were in the new venue the eatnuman which others were mistaken and called it eatlugan (hahaha, funny), I might say that the place was very homey and had a vibrant ambiance. It was something so unique and native. In there, our enjoyment was overflowing. Hence, of course there were various incorrect but just for the sake of fun. Since Joel Batusin was too drunk by drinking soda and water, he mistook the ashtray for a dish plate (harhar, so incorrect and labeled as no social graces). Next was the legend of the mahiwagang banig as our very own version of magic carpet. Well I guess it made us fly, or were just too drunk to justify (incorrect one more time). If there was a magic carpet, of course there was a Genie in a bottle. But find out what was the content of the mysterious bottle (for the nth time very incorrect). But honestly, all of us fell in love with that bottle (called Wife Ko). The left over did not even miss out (hey give it to the dogs). Lastly, when I realized how poor I was in dealing with simple math problems (heck who cares, its the mere reason why I concentrated in English).

          It was among the once in a lifetime chance to be with them so I might treasure my special moment with them. No one knows that maybe next time a new bunch of people will be there. To Mhy, Baste, Emilene, Dan, Joel, She, Aris, Maan, Almer, Tope, my Prom King and Dariz guys I do had a great time being with you. Until next timeHasta la proxima vez.