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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 2/4/2011 2:55:49 PM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 04/02/2011 14:59 | |

Fairy tales had been a part of me since time immemorial. I was a constant believer of this fantastic chronicle that enables me to find solitude every time I want to get away with the pain and twinge that this world had given me. I used to deem that there would be someone out there who would shelter and protect me from harm. My knight in shining armor, my hero is just around. 

When I was little I used to read stories about prince and princess. I used to believe that they are real and they do exist. And someday my own prince will come and I will be a princess.

There are a lot of tall tales that had been told. Numerous of them had been written in cave walls, buildings, libraries, and books. There were some that had been handed down from generations to generations. Yet, hundreds of them were not been told and written.

Lots of fascinating love stories was not known by many. They were not famous and unheard of. Among them were the love stories of our forefathers, our ancestors and immediate family members. And one of these stories is my very own version of love tales and saga.

I know that my story will never be written in the pages of books to unveil the truth between the happily-ever-after and not-meant-to-be sort of ending. My story had not started yet and I have a lot of days ahead. I cannot say that it would be a positive happily-ever-after tale or a negative not-meant-to-be ending. But I want to attribute this to the guy who made me believe in the existence of love and the one who completes me.

Twelve years ago, I met an extraordinary type of guy. Too extraordinary, that no amount of words could fit to describe him. Or maybe I couldnt just think of good adjectives to illustrate him in words. He imposed power and perfection. He was the hero that I used to read in books written by romance novelists. He captured me with his breath-taking smile. He was devilishly sweet and dangerous in a subtle way. How contradicting wasnt it? He acquired the characters and traits of vampires and wolves combined.

His name is JADE. His name speaks of his character. Jade is a unique gem of hardness, symbolic energy, beauty and a wide-ranging expressiveness. No wonder he held a special attraction to mankind.

I first met him when a common friend introduced us together. It was a great experience and a cliché of a roller-coaster ride. It was mind-boggling, emotion-draining and heart-warming sort of feeling. It seemed that the world stopped spinning. Or should I say my world stopped revolving.

He interests me and I was so curious. We used to see each other. We were always together, so inseparable. And the next thing I knew, we were enjoying each others company.

We had the same passion in music. He played the piano and I used to sing. It was our usual bonding moments. Music made us happy. I was a member of our Parish choir during that time. He even joined me in attending practices and rehearsals (though we have a different religion or should I say church dominion). He was so supportive and caring. Our bonding time wouldnt be complete without playing and singing our favorite song:


Its not the flower, wrapped in fancy paper

Its not the ring, I wear around my finger

Theres nothing in all the world I need

When I have you here beside me, here beside me


So you could give me wings to fly

Or catch me if I fall, or pull the stars down from the sky

So I could wish on them all

And I couldnt ask for more

Cause your love is the greatest gift of all.


          But then as the saying goes, some good things never last. A year after our unexpected acquaintance he called me up to say goodbye because they were moving to Canada. I wasnt aware that the word goodbye is a permanent thing. It was indeed the end.

I havent heard of him since then. As I have said, my love story hasnt started yet. Nevertheless, it doesnt have to end. I am writing this because it had been a part of my whims; however a part of me wanted to share with him what is inside my head. If only I could be given the chance to see him again maybe I will do the right thing. I know that I wasnt that nice back then but I do care. I also wanted to know what he had been to for the past twelve years. It wasnt really about how to start a new chapter of our lives but maybe to put closure. I know that I was too young then, but I kept my hearts promise.

I know that we have our own lives now. Things have change between us but even so I still wish to hear of him. Well for old time sake maybe or to know what I truly feel for him. Or perhaps its my way of knowing what he truly feels for me.

It is so complicated. Not that we complicate things but maybe its like starting all over again. What could be the possibilities if ever we meet again? Somehow it excites me. I know that there are a lot of unanswered questions in my head and once and for all I want to put this to end. Im not saying that I am positive to a happily-ever-after ending but I wanted to give it a try.

So my dear Jed, if ever you happened to read my journal by chance, dont hesitate to comment, commend and criticizethis is for you to know whats on my mind.