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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 2/4/2011 3:13:07 PM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 04/02/2011 15:14 | | | Content:5

       At about four weeks, twenty eight days, around six hundred seventy - two hours, approximately forty thousand three hundred twenty minutes, and roughly two million four hundred nineteen thousand two hundred seconds, when the thresholds of the camp site had been our second home.

Once again another camp has ended. It was like a déj vu of my English Summer Camp. There were familiar faces, same routines, and similar activities. But this camp had differed in lots of ways. I know that no incident happen the same way again. Therefore this experience made its own mark.

      I told myself that this was my last camp. I need to face the new chapter of my life after this. I know that this was a tremendous experience but I must move forward and do the things that I should do. No matter what the outcome will be, I must face it with pride and dignity. I want to treasure my last camp until the day I die.

      I must admit that at this very moment I havent moved on yet. Its really hard for me to let go of those good memories. No matter how much effort I give in, still its like ghost that keeps on haunting me. This is the very reason why I hate attachment. I cant move on. But I have to. This had happened before but I never learned my lesson.

      I promised myself that if I will pour this out, I shouldnt cry. But I cant help it. Im not only pouring my thoughts but my emotions as well. People perceive me to be strong, but no one sees me cry. Tears and snivel is a manifestation of weakness. I have to impose toughness. And writing is the only means I have now to unleash the pain I have inside. I cant help but shed my tears while writing this. I hate the feeling but I cant stop it. I weep. I cry. I sob. I blubber. I bawl. I howl.

      I never imagined that I could be this affected. I thought it was nothing. But as days passed by I feel so empty. One by one flashes of camp scenarios flickered in my head. Everything was so candidly happy. The whole thing was perfect. The emptiness hurt so much and its killing me softly. Why there are things that not meant to last? Truly, some good things never last.

      The camp was one of the things that I cant hold on forever. Only memories can be kept eternally. And I hope that our relationship does not end in the four corners of the classroom or session halls but beyond.

      To all the people who had been part of the ENGLISH WINTER CAMP 2011, allow me to affirm all of you for making this encampment an unforgettable one.

      To all my co teachers, I know that I never had a chance to bond with you deeply but at any rate thank you for the pleasantries and kindness. This camp made its mark in my heart because of the joy that this group of teachers gave me. I will never forget the pageant which I (together with Carla and Rose) organized. Thank you also for respecting everyones differences.

      To Shembot, I deeply appreciate your silent way and sincere friendship. We may not talk a lot but you made an unfathomable spot inside my heart.

      To Carla and LJ, thank you for bringing noise to my very quiet life. Somehow you two took all my boredoms away. There are times that I miss your voices because honestly Im starting to have a hearing impairment due to an overrated silence.

      To Mayven and Jane, your quiet companionship is deeply appreciated. I hope that what we had started does not end as our camp life ended. Your kindness is really genuine. Thank you for the valued time spent. Please keep in touch. I miss you.

      To Sherwin, hiyang-hiya naman ako! Thanks for bringing joy not just in my life but also in my heart. There were times when we wish (Rose and I) that you stay and sleep in the female quarters. Kasi naman ateh binubuhay mo ang katawang lupa namin. Seriously, you made us very happy.

To Michael, Im so sorry if at times you find me annoying. But Im so thankful for all your help and bright ideas. Thanks also for being extra nice and for your indisputable concern.

To JR and Lim, though there were times of misapprehensions yet we have proven our worth as friends. Thank you for great jiffies. Thanks for a momentous friendship. I hope that the amity we had will last a lifetime. Salamat sa nabuong pagkakaibigan.

To Joel and Jacky, you are great leaders. I was truly confident on the success of the camp because you two were our head teachers. We were so lucky for having you as our immediate managers. We may not cross the same path again nevertheless Im so grateful for the chance of knowing you. Thank you for giving the best days of my life.

To Brian (Lee Junsun), thank you for sharing with me a very significant bond and for stepping into my life. You are not just a good student but an excellent person as well. Keep up the good work and stay happy.

To the sunshine of my life Tom (Seon Jong Hyeok), I must admit that you had been my sunshine during the gloomy days of my camp life. Your happy way of life mirrored mine. Thank you for the friendship and the trust that you had given me. The memories I had with you will be cherish in my heart as long as I live. You may not know but you made each of my camp days complete. I love you and I miss you. I hope to see you soon.

To my son Charlie (Kim Juhyun), thank you for bringing out my motherly instinct. You are the joy of our happy family. Stay good and happy. Your daddy and I will always be here for you. I love you son and I miss you so much.  

To Master Chaddy, it was a hell of heart-warming, mind-boggling, emotion-draining and strength-consuming experience. Yet, once again we had surpassed our camp tale. This maybe my last camp but I will relish and value the good relations we had. You are deeply treasured in the innermost part of my heart. I will miss you master. I love you. I hope that no one replaces the angels (Marlene, Rose and Cherry) in your heart. This isnt goodbye, rather until we meet again.

And lastly, to Rose, no amount of words could best describe the things we had been to. Our friendship was tested by time. We have talked about it a lot of times. You are incomparable Jang Mi. You will be a part of my heart forever. I know that I dont need to elaborate things between us. We perfectly understand each other. I love you friend.

This camp had taught me that teaching is not only limited to the four corners of the classroom and teachers are always the masters. I learned that teaching could occur in a family setting. Parents are the teachers and children are the students. Teaching and learning process could build up an unconditional love. You dont have to ask for it because it is freely given.

It may only been four weeks but the moments I spent with you was incomparable. There were maybe lots of negativisms and incorrect but we were able to beat the odds because of the positive forces around us. At this point, we are heading our own lives. Away from each other yet close at heart. I just wish that I was able to carve a space in your heart.









Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope

- Hellen Keller -


thank you for everything guys...i love you all!!!
_Jang Mi_
_Jang Mi_
.. truly, we surpassed a lot of storms and we shared a lot of things I've never shared with anybody else. I'm having second thoughts of joining another camp, but, together or not, we both know that this friendship will lasts..
_carla_ so touched..thank you for appreciating us.. i miss you..mwa..
_jeffrey noble_
_jeffrey noble_
marlene i was about to cry nung binbasa ko yung mga article mo!!!!ganda,keep up the good work,igawa mo rin ako yung para sa broken hearted ha!!hahahah...take care...
_lovely judith V. gregorio_
_lovely judith V. gregorio_
haloo.. pgkatagal tgal ng pnhon na ntpo ang camp aklain mo ngaun ko lng to nbsa. hehe..
psencya na sa png ggulo sa hehe at sa pang lligalig.. i missed you so much. i hope we can be a good friends even though we'r apart. choz nmn. haha labli ako ba toh..