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Article of the website marlene adlit, created on: 3/31/2011 4:58:53 AM

By: MARLENE ADLIT | Published: 31/03/2011 05:19 | | | Content:4
(An article written by Mary Rose Bautista)

             My experience in the camp was one of the bests that I ever had. Working with other people from different walks of life had taught me a lot of lessons.  I got real friendship from some and heartaches from others. The first time I step my foot on that isolated beach, I thought about the life I got used to, where I lived with my family and people Ive known since forever. And then, I realized that life is not going to be the same.

             The Kids.  Well, they are a whole bunch of cute little ones. Some were smart, some were not, and there are those who thought they are smart but actually not. Some were sweet while others were well --- not so sweet ,(like they are ready to fight you to death if you as much as try lecturing them on the first day of class.) or you can simply call them brats.

             The Teachers. At first, I really thought that Ill never get along with them. I thought that Ill stay alone for the rest of the camp, and so I told myself to hell with it! Ill finish this job and get over with this crap! But then, I made friends, I mean, real friends. Soon I realized it was not just a job. No amount of compensation can equal to the kind of friendship I had with them.

             It is ironic how hard I cried for the first two weeks because I didnt think I could bear it any longer, and then during the last two weeks I cried harder, though this time I never wanted it to end.

The things that I really miss.

             I miss the touch of the sand underneath my feet the sound of the waves as they play along with the wind.

             ...the quiet moments we spent in the gazebo, staring at the endless horizon.

             ...the sound made by birds, monkeys, crickets, tuko, and God-knows-what-else.

             I miss the long walk from my room to the El Patio.

             I miss Monday-morning-hangover.

             I miss sneaking out of our room in the middle of the night for the weekend inuman sessions.

             Also the freaky night out for chocolate drinks and coffee (hehehe).

             I miss the scorching heat of the sun.

             I miss sharing a bed and a can of soda with Marlene.

             I miss those quiet moments with Che.

             I miss Jacques  you-know-what at night.

             I miss Dollys pouty lips.

             I miss Khays not-so-gentle remarks.

             I miss Kuya Matts comforting hugs.

             I miss Kuya Jims sea urchin hunting.

             I miss Chaddys killer smile and killer moves.

             I miss Rogies corny jokes and cheesy lines.

             I miss Gelas late night visit (which most of the time scared the hell out of me)

I miss Justins girlfriend (and by the way, its Kim Jong Min, not the other one or --- would you rather have him, Eva? J)

I miss everything and everyone.


P.S. can somebody please tell me who the hell is Ka Erning?



jangmisem...salamat sa walang katapusang it!!!
_i am marlene_
_i am marlene_
Mommy Kat...We are really very sorry!!!
ang pogi naman ng nagiisang lalake jan.. sino yan? hahaha :D i miss one of my angel! CHE! magpakita kana! hehe.. THANK YOU ROSAS!! at sa nag edit! haha :D SEE U ON MONDAY! lols
hay naku chaddy ikaw na ang pogi!!!hahaha :D see you...